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Recommended Gear List

We want you to be comfortable no matter what the weather is doing,

here's our tried and true gear from working nearly a decade outside in all Alaska's got to offer.

Rain Gear

The rain in Alaska can be heavy at times, rubberized rain gear is ideal but GoreTex is a good option too. Rain gear should be large enough to add layers underneath. Both a rain jacket and pants are best.

Active Wear

A variety of short and long sleeve shirts along with some shorts and long pants is sufficient for hiking, kayaking, fishing,  lounging, or a night on the town.


Feel free to bring a phone, tablet, camera, or other small devices.

The boat has 110v outlets throughout.


Our go-to footgear is rubber boots, Xtratufs or similar boots are excellent. Beaches can be slick, water-proof hiking boots with vibram soles are a also great choice. Lightweight shoes to wear while in the boat are also highly recommended.


This is the name of the game in Alaska!

We recommend non-cotton base layers and non-cotton socks whenever possible.

A fleece vest, sweatshirt, or light jacket are extra nice to have under rain gear.


It's great to have sunglasses and a hat, a bathing suit (just in case!), a toothbrush, and any other comfort items desired. We provide shampoo/conditioner, body soap, toothpaste, towels, and washcloths.

Image by Kieran Wood
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