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A man and a woman posed in front of the Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm, Alaska.

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  • Can kids come on the adventure?
    Children 10 and up are welcome to adventure with us! Exceptions may apply, please contact us to discuss your unique situation.
  • How do I pack for my trip to Alaska?
    Check out our Gear Page for specific details on what we recommend bringing with you.
  • Is there WiFi onboard?
    WiFi is available and cellphone service is sometimes available depending on where we are anchored.
  • Can we do laundry during our adventure?
    Yes! The dryer is available to dry out wet gear and light loads of laundry can be done while underway.
  • Is gratuity included?
    Gratuity is not included. Guests have an opportunity to leave a tip at the end of their adventure. Typically, gratuity averages between 10% and 20% of the total trip cost.
  • What's the best way to prepare for seasickness?
    We recommend speaking with a physician and requesting a prescription for Scopolamine patches, typically worn when taking a cruise. Dramamine and other similar over-the-counter medications can help but may cause sleepiness. Even if you do not typically experience seasickness, we encourage you to take steps to prevent it just in case. Missing a day of adventuring to seasickness is a bummer! Please get in touch directly if you have additional questions.
  • How do I pay the remaining balance?
    Once a deposit is made, we'll contact you within 24 hours for additional details about you and your party. Payments can be made with PayPal, Venmo, credit card, or ACH bank transfer. Guests may pay individually for their portion of the trip.
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