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Detailed Itinerary

Below is a sample of a typical adventure - check out the map below to find out more!

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Day 1

Juneau to Hoonah

10am: Meet at Statter Harbor

2-hour journey to Hoonah


Fish for halibut

Kayak/paddle board

Drop crab pots

Dinner with a village Elder

Cross Sound_edited.jpg

Day 3

Cross Sound

Full day on the ocean

Fishing for halibut, salmon, rockfish, lingcod, black cod

Drop shrimp pots

Explore Elfin Cove

Dinner with Cove Historian

Low Bow_edited.jpg

Day 5

Flynn Cove to Swanson Harbor

Fish for halibut and rockfish

Slow wildlife cruise

Salmon fishing

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Evening bonfire


Day 2

Hoonah to Elfin Cove

Pull crab pots

2-hour journey to Elfin Cove

Explore Port Althorpe

Hike to WWII Canon

Beach bonfire


Day 4

Elfin Cove to Flynn Cove

Pull shrimp pots

Visit Elfin Cove museum

2-hour journey to Flynn Cove

Whale watching

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding


Day 6

Swanson Harbor to Juneau

Salmon fishing

Whale watching

Beach Combing

2-hour journey to Juneau

3pm: Arrive Statter Harbor

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